Test Livres 5 Language Visual Dictionary

5 Language Visual Dictionary

Test Livres 5 Language Visual Dictionary

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Five language visual dictionary editado por Dorling

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5Useful, informative and enjoyable
This visual dictionary has more than 1,600 colourful images and its 400 pages are divided into 19 chapters as follows: About the dictionary, How to use this book, People, Appearance, Health, Home, Services, Shopping, Food, Eating out, Study, Work, Transport, Sports, Leisure, Environment, Reference, Index and Acknowledgments.For each picture you get its meaning in five languages, and for each word you have its definite article showing the gender. Very interesting is the presence of pictures showing actions, so that you get the verbs as well as some useful phrases. At the end of the “Reference” section you have “particles and antonyms” and “useful phrases” – essential phrases, greetings, signs, help, directions, accommodation, eating and drinking. The index is divided into five parts, one for each language, and the names have their gender shown by means of the letters m, n, f .I particularly enjoy playing with this book by showing a picture and letting my friends guess its meaning in the foreign languages they have studied, and think it’s a useful tool for teachers, students or professionals, for the topics are covered in detail. Last but not least, the dictionary is published by DK, i.e. it’s a Dorling Kindersley Book, a Penguin Company.

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4Utile et pratique
Par Dionysos
Ce livre permet en cinq langues (anglais, français, allemand, espagnol et italien) de connaitre le mot correspondant : objets, aliments, sports, endroits géographiques, dans la maison, environnement, temps libre, transport, etc…

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